Allstream Pensioners' Association
Association des retraités d’Allstream

Preferred Vision and Hearing Services (PVS)

PVS (Preferred Vision and Hearing Services) is a new program, offering Allstream employees and retirees the opportunity to purchase prescription eyewear and hearing aids at discount prices. The PVS vision care and hearing aid program provides a discount of up to 20% on prescription eyewear and hearing aids from a registered PVS location as an added feature of your Allstream Extended Health Care plan. Most PVS locations also apply the discount to non-prescription eyewear, accessories and laser eye surgery. When you visit the practitioner and before you make your purchase, identify your PVS program member status by presenting your Allstream Assure card. You are not limited to making a purchase through a PVS provider. You can go to the provider of your choice. Submit your claim as usual; using the standard Great West Life Healthcare Expenses form. If you have a question about the PVS discount, or to find the nearest PVS location, contact PVS directly.

Call toll free 1-800-668-6444

Or visit the PVS Web site at


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