Morse Club

282 Wentworth Manor

709 14th Ave SW, Calgary, AB

  April 2006                                                                                                           

Calgary AB  T3H 3M2



 As an attachment is a .jpg scan of my Grandfathers’ “The Order of Railroad Telegraphers” membership card. This one covers the period to December 31, 1958. My Grandfather was a Freight Agent with the Dominion Atlantic Railway (CPR) stationed in Yarmouth , NS . I do not recall him ever having anything to do with the telegraph service. The freight shed was a completely different building from the train station / telegraph office. As a young lad, I visited him at work on a number of occasions. He retired at 65 (1959). He joined the ranks of Silent Keys in late 1972, just a few months before I joined CNT as a Microwave Tech in the spring of 1973.

Leigh Hawkes

Happy to meet,                                                                       73`s

Happy to part,                                                                        Bill  Mogridge

Happy to meet again.

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