C.N.T. Commercial Office – KINGSTON,Ont.

Provided By: Gordon Smithson, Retired Dist.Eqpt.Tech’n – Kingston,Ont.


MgrCNTKgtnONc1960 01.jpg (59591 bytes)

Howard Penlington , teletype operator, and Lorne C Sampson, Manager holding a completed ‘booster’ telegram in the CNT office at 95 Princess Street, Kingston, Ont. c1960


MgrCNTKgtnON19640002.JPG (53866 bytes)

George Robinson, Manager CNT Kingston, Ont. July 1964, standing in front of office at 95 Princess Street. A ‘booster’ telegram promotional window display relates to Kingston’s brigantine-style tall-masts sailing ship that is participating in a sailing event at New York City.


H.P. KgtnON 19640003.JPG (33386 bytes)

Howard Penlington, teletype operator, Kingston, Ont. July 1964


NewsKgtnON 19640004.JPG (140698 bytes)

Newspaper clipping from "The Kingston Whig Standard – Jul 1964"

l-r George Robinson, Mgr, and Howard Penlington, Teletype Opr.


CNTKgtnON 19800005.JPG (39319 bytes)

The CNCP Telecommunications relocated in 1972 to this building located at 310 Bagot Street, Kingston, Ont. (a short distance over from Princess Street)   An illuminated overhead sign advertised the office located immediately to the right of the Office building’s main entrance on the left. Note the "Bill Slashing Machine" advertisement in the front window. MAY 31 1980


CNTKgtnON 19620006.JPG (49700 bytes)

Management – Staff Meeting Kingston, Ont. 1962

l-r Rear: Guy Dalton, eqpt mntnr; Sam Nayduk; Mel Kealey, lineman; Ken McIntyre, wire chief; Hartley Weatherup, Auditor Ont.Dist.; Janet Bews, clerk; Russ Sweet, Mgr Sarnia; George Robinson Mgr Kingston.

l-r Front: Muriel Glenn, clerk; ? ; Bev Biggs, clerk; Howard Penlington, teletype opr; Fred Beauchamp, Supt. Ontario Region.




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