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Frank Tutt submitted this photo taken in 1946 of the uniform that the CN Female messengers wore.

Doris Tutt - 1946.jpg (37143 bytes)

Frank Tutt submitted the following photos that Doris Tutt found in an old album.

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Roger Guitar submitted the following picture

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Roger Guitar sent the following two telegrams to his Grandmother in 1962

Roger Guitar Telegram 1.jpg (38654 bytes)

Roger Guitar Telegram 2.jpg (40278 bytes)


CN Mtl   - Party.jpg (80624 bytes)


CN Mtl Operator's Room.jpg (78193 bytes)


Temps du morse.jpg (60505 bytes)

Pierre Gagne made a clean-up of some old photos that he found dating from 1954 - 56 

CNT 600 Peel St Montreal.jpg (78187 bytes)

The CNT T & R Office that was located at 600 Windsor Street, Montreal, QC circa 1954/55.

Submittted by Georges Dube.


CNT Phone Room Montreal.jpg (94859 bytes)


CNT Telephone Department at 600 Windsor Street Montreal taken March 23, 1962 by Roger Guitar.


CNT Phone room Montreal 2.jpg (80072 bytes)


CNT Telephone Department at 600 Windsor Street Montreal taken in ths summer of 1964 by Roger Guitar.


New Telex Demo.jpg (65811 bytes)

The introduction of the new Model 32ASR Telex machine to the public.

Below is a collection of Telegrams sent to me by Roger Guitar in Montreal.Telegrams from the 60's please click on them to read.







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