Staff Photo taken at the Directors’ Meeting, Tuesday June 13, 2006

Left to right – Front row: Norm Hobbs, Len Ferguson, Norm Czepiela, Saul Koblin, Bob Clarke, Bryant Freeman, Jacques Rochefort

Back Row: Wayne Boyle, Frank Massarelli, Andy Kruk, Vic Johnson, Bob Harrison, Fred Perchaluk, Casper Lewitski, Richard Golding, John Thomas, Morley Kipp. (Saul Koblin is the only person in this picture who is not on the 2006 – 2007 Executive.


Association Communications Flow Chart.

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Directors 2014/2015

Name Phone # Function
Norm Hobbs 705-294-0625 President
Norm Czepiela 618-800-6443 VicePresident/Director/Membership
Bob Lillies 519-884-1448 Director/Newsletter
Earl Kettle 905-454-3287 Director
Casper Lewitski 780-922-3299 Director
Bob Clarke 905-822-5511 Director
Bob Harrison 905-831-8915 Director
Bruce Fulcher 519-323-2099 Director/Secretary
Wayne Boyle 705-878-9088 Director

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