Si cela vous intéresse voici quelque photos du CPT prise au 204 Hospital Montréal,----Paul Lagacé

M. Paul Labrie PTC (Printer trafic chief) qui reçois des messages venants de différente branches de Montréal.

M. Henri Moreau (ancien chairman de l'Union CTU et père de l'humoriste Jean-Guy Moreau, 

(cp6) near the card wheel is Louis Keegan and beside him is Marcel Lefrançois,

(cp7) at the typewriter is Armand Yannone and standing up beside him is the General traffic chief Léo Decelle and standing up at the left of the photo is Donald Richard,

(cp18) is Jacqueline Gravel transmitting messages.

(cp21) is Aurèle Sarrazin.

T&R School 1973

RA 1980

The team in RA 3rd flr 740 Notre Dame about 25 years ago today that office has been closed 2 years ago.Everything concentrated on the 2nd floor and there are only 2 technicians left working there.