It seems that every time a person retires from the Company they are unsure of what they should do. Well the following should assist them in keeping abreast of these matters:

1.  We have a Pensioner’s Association and we welcome all Pensioner’s into the fold and for further information on this they should contact us

2.We also have a Service on the Web which is free to all Pensioner’s (all you have to pay for is your own Internet Provider). Just  contact our Webmaster Rudy Ortiz at, or Norm Czepiela at and one of these people can set you up.  

3. Your Pension cheque will be deposited in the Bank, as it has been in the past on or before the 25th of each Month, in other words if the 25th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, your cheque will be deposited on Friday.

4. You can receive your Canada Pension as early as age 60 (reduced), unless you are on disability, then you can receive it earlier, but your OAS (Old Age Security) is paid to you only when you reach the age of 65. Bear in mind you should apply for these benefits at least six months in advance by calling 1-800-277-9914 and ask for the Retirement Package..

5.This item is very important and a lot of Pensioner’s are unsure of what they or their Spouse should do in the event of death of a Pensioner. In the event of a Pensioner’s death your Spouse should contact the Canada Pension and their current Phone number is 1-800-277-9914 advising them of your Spouse’s death. They will ask you for your late Spouse’s Social Insurance Number, therefore, have it ready and then you should ask them for a Death Benefit and Survivor Benefit Package. These packages are also available at the Funeral Parlor.
For Death Benefit your Spouse would receive 6 times your monthly Canada Pension  payments or  funeral expenses or $2,500.00, whichever is less. Your Spouse would receive a one-time only amount which is Taxable. In addition you would complete the Survivor Pension form and your Spouse would receive 60% of your monthly Canada Pension which will be added to your own Canada Pension (subject to Canada Pension maximums). Bear in mind you keep the cheque for your late Spouse for the month of death.

6.  You should also contact the Old Age Security of his/her death and the Old Age Security ends with the death of  the Spouse although the Spouse would keep the cheque for the month of death. The telephone number for the Old Age Security is the same as Canada Pension mentioned in #5 above.


7. You should contact the Allstream Consultant, Towers and Perrin on the hotline number at 1-800-276-7630 advising them of your Spouse’s death if you have trouble contacting someone through that number you can always call Allstream  Headquarters at 416-345-2000 and mention the death of Spouse and I am sure that they will direct you to the correct personnel. Information on Insurance Policy would be mailed to Survivor. Also your benefits would be reduced because you would now be considered single/widow(er).


7. A very important item is that  the Survivor should contact  their local Government controlled Health Insurance plan advising them of the death because the Survivor is also now a single/widow(er).


8. If any Pensioner should move  they should immediately contact the Allstream Hotline at 1-800-276-7630 and Gerry McCaie at 351 Burrows Hall Blvd Scarbough Ontario M1B 1H6 telephone 416-291-4314 or
e-mail advising them of your new address.


9. Last but certainly not least if any Pensioner who is on the Internet and is currently on the Pensioner’s Internet list, should change Providers, they should contact Rudy Ortiz at or Norm Czepiela at and it would be a good idea that if they move to another address they should also contact either one of us as well as the ones in 8 above.

Norm Czepiela
Membership Convener




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