These are Photos sent in by Gord Smithson Kingston Ontario, They are photos out of our Newsletters from the past. Please click on photos to view them.

T & R Training Class TORONTO, Ont.
       (source: "1974 Jul/Aug cnt Reporter" ) 

Cliff Moore and Vernon King
       (source: "1974 Jul/Aug cnt Reporter")  

 Pat Noonan, Engineering Dept
       (source: "1978 The Reporter")     

 Stan Doyle- Toronto Broadband            (they failed to print a date on this newsletter))

CNRA Chiefs , (sports) Toronto, Ont.
       (source: "1978 Sep/Dec  CN Telecommunications Reporter")

Jim Gordon- Systems Training ,Toronto
       (source: "1982 Jul CNCP Journal")

George Gombita- Fibre Optic Cable Installation
       (source: "1984 CNCP Annual Report")

Telemode 4000- EP
       (source: "1985 CNCP ADVERTISING brochure-folder customer handout")

Stan Povey- Toronto, Ont
      (source: "1978 Sep/Dec The Reporter")

Ted Demenint,  Sales, Toronto
       (source: "1984 Spring  CNCP The Journal")

Montreal (sports)
       (source: "1984 Spring   CNCP The Journal")

CNCP   The New Logo
             (source: "1984 Spring  CNCP The Journal")


These Photos are also a Connection to the Past from the Commercial End of it, the Telegrams, and Telex which once were our Main initiatives.

Xmas Greeting Telegram Dec 1955
       (my personal copy)

Telegraph Operator's Tape Cutter "thimble"
       (caption is included right on the photo)

Model 32/33 faceplates

Telegraphic Message number sheet

Communicate with TELEX

CNCP Headquarters Building, Toronto
       (source' "1984 CNCP Annual Report"

Telegram Delivery Record

The Journal Spring 1984

CNCP Telecommunications Journal July 1982

CN Telecommunications The Reporter Sep/Dec 1978

cnt reporter Jul/Aug 1974